AUTECNIA will deploy its own technological developments in Portugal for the digital transformation of a company

AUTECNIA, a startup with twenty years of experience

AUTECNIA expands its offices and certifies its management system

The technology company from Gijón, founded in 2020, closes its first international contract to increase the degree of automation of a park of steel cranes and their associated processes
David Díaz and Emilio Ovies, managing partners of Autecnia: «We have been working around the world for almost 20 years and we have always been bitten by the bug to do something of our own»
The technology company from Gijón begins its third year with new facilities and the implementation of an integrated quality system

La Nueva España


La Nueva España

AUTECNIA, the Asturian technology benchmark in industrial digital transformation

Energy efficiency for the industry at the hands of AUTECNIA

We convert an industrial crane into a robot, an asset 4.0

The company, with just two years of life, has already exceeded one million euros of contracted business portfolio with projects in Portugal and Croatia, and is positioned as a benchmark company in the sector of OT operation technologies for the industry
The company implements its energy optimization system with a layer of advanced analytics and algorithms in two companies
A saving of seconds in the operating cycles of these machines opens up immense possibilities

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La Nueva España

La Nueva España