We incorporate technology, we are part of the technology, we use and coexist with technology, and we supply technology to our clients by carrying out the complete cycle of an engineering and automation project.

At AUTECNIA GROUP we assist our clients in implementing their digital transformation in a reliable and secure manner, while providing an especially great added value to clients who have processes that must meet criticality requirements with very little margin for the change in systems.

We offer the following services to our clients, always in keeping with our business model based on automation engineering, and industrial hardware and software.

Consulting and electrical engineering, control and instrumentation, basic and detailed

Control Systems, Industrial Automation

Industrial Information Technology, MES/MOM Systems, Traceability, Customized Software

Modernizations and migrations of old electrical and control systems

Technological solutions for industrial cranes

Electrical and control projects for the handling sector

Electrical manufacturing processes and testing workshop

FAT testing, start-up